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Our product portfolio includes commercial rotisseries, multisseries, combi steamers, merchandisers and bakery ovens. All efficient, reliable and appealing systems that enable our customers to tempt their customers on a daily basis.


The customers that experience our first-class equipment and services are world-leading supermarket organisations, convenience stores, fast-food restaurants as well as butchers, bakeries and petrol stations.

International distribution

All products are marketed through an international network of sales offices and distributors. Fri-Jado has sales offices in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA and China. Besides our own sales offices Fri-Jado works in combination with a distribution and service network that encompasses more than 70 countries around the world. Together we strive to deliver the highest standard of representation and service.

Research & Development

Fri-Jado has its own research and development department that is constantly developing new, safe and eco-friendly technology.

Quality assurance

Fri-Jado is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. All products meet the same high quality standards (e.g. CE, UL, NSF) allowing you to comply with HACCP.


At Fri-Jado, we combine the manufacture of high quality products with outstanding customer service. We understand and emphasize the importance of customer care by delivering informed, tailor-made advice along with attentive post-sales service.

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