Corporate social responsibility for Fri-Jado – part of the TBI concern- means sustainable entrepreneurship.

Not only for commercial or economic reasons, but certainly also from intrinsic motivation, a shift takes place from the 'P' of Profit to realization and justification in respect of the earth, the environment and the surroundings, or the 'P' of Planet. The human factor, the 'P' of People, remains a constant decisive factor in this development and completes the final balance. Due to the requirements of the market in which Fri-Jado operates, sustainability is already an essential criterion in the operational management for a considerable time. Fri-Jado embraces the responsibility to put its organization, capacities and competences into action for creating sustainable solutions for the benefit of the environment.

Climate change and sustainability are inextricably linked. Historically the focus in terms of environmental impact was essentially to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer. Recently the emphasis shifted to the issue of global warming and in particular CO2  emissions. The more energy and fossil fuel humans consume the scarcer the resources, and the higher the CO2  emissions. Fri-Jado has always been engaged with the creation of energy efficient solutions, for example, through the use of natural refrigerants in cold storage and heat recovery.

Since the company was founded, the employees have played a central role as “they represent our skills and make a difference every day”. They are also experiencing an increasing responsibility for the environment and the earth. Their motivation and increasing environmental awareness are the necessary elements for a company to stay successful in the future.

The identification and reduction of the carbon footprint, not only of Fri-Jado but for the entire value chain, is a logical next step after the ISO 14001 certification. We use the international standards ”Greenhouse Gas Protocol” and the “ISO 14064” as input to be certified. The use of these standards combines well with the operation and culture of a results-oriented company like Fri-Jado. With the Carbon Footprint Analysis, we understand our current CO2  emissions and define realistic targets. In addition, this analysis is a good opportunity to make the CSR policy more concrete and practical, reflecting the reality of the company processes and procedures.

Fri-Jado's ambition for CO2  reduction arises from the continuous development of consciousness of the responsibilities organizations have for the environment and the planet. Due to the transparency and control, society becomes more aware of CO2  reduction, and this has been accelerated by the economic crisis. Companies and people have seen the latest insights and realized they must adapt and change behaviour.

Fri-Jado considers CO2  reduction as a valuable and appropriate theme in CSR. In the near future, companies will increasingly shape their existence from their contribution to the society and the environment. From the motivation of the employees, the CO2  awareness develops and is embedded within the organization, which is the first step of the journey.