Carbon footprint analysis

The Carbon Footprint Analysis for Fri-Jado brings both insight and internal awareness of CO2 impacts. By establishing an initiative with external partners CO2 reduction in the retail sector will be jointly realized, delivered by the combination of all available energy saving techniques, - including from other sectors, models and research. In addition to the direct and indirect emissions, Fri-Jado is aware their products also affect the emissions of other greenhouse gases such as HCFCs, still permitted in Europe until 2014. Part of the initiative is the replacement of HCFCs in refrigeration and freezer units with pure CO2 and other natural resources or coolants with a low GWP. This initiative is called "The green retailer.”

 The concept concerns the development of a high energy efficient and ecologically sound installation- and building control concepts for the supermarket industry, which partners with a significantly reduced to zero net energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The replacement of HCFCs by natural refrigerants will substantially reduce the continuing burden on the environment. This initiative could provide a major reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases and polluting gases for the Fri-Jado customers. With this concept, the "green supermarket" is in sight. Fri-Jado develops this concept with chain partners, external experts and peers, who are invited to participate and contribute.