Initiatives for corporate social responsibility

Sustainability, environmental pollution and energy usage have long been core values in the policy of Fri-Jado. These values are also an important guiding principle within the R&D activities of Fri-Jado.

The company has used the output heat from refrigeration equipment as input for space heating in supermarkets, with under floor heating. The result is significant energy, environmental and cost savings.

Other energy saving techniques such as covering of refrigeration and freezer units, LED lighting, revolutions (speed) control have been included in the various cooling systems that Fri Jado offer customers.

The application of CO2  booster technology is another progressive step which Fri-Jado offers to clients. Since 2009 cooling on the basis of trans-critical CO2  has existed. The current “initiative” to integrate all available energy saving technologies is actually a logical step towards sustainability, energy savings and thus cost reductions on targeted improvements in the cooling technology for the retail sector.

Fri-Jado will compare environmental and cost issues of different systems against each other, so the customer can make a balanced choice. Where environmental gains and cost benefits (sometimes with additional deployment of funds) are jointly realized, Fri-Jado offers these systems directly to its clients. Fri-Jado ensures that customers are informed of the latest developments, which may be tested if necessary, thereby providing clients with the best available techniques. Recently Fri-Jado implemented the following initiatives in relation to social community involvement:

Taken measures relating to refrigerants:
1.   Montreal Protocol: Phasing out of ozone depleting refrigerants
2.   Kyoto Protocol: Reduction of greenhouse gases (Global Warming Potential)

Environmentally conscious installations:
3.   Booster R404A
4.   Cascade CO2 /R410A
5.   Booster CO2
6.   Combined with heat recovery

Energy saving applications:
7.   Heat recovery
8.   Day covering of refrigeration and freezer units
9.   LED lighting
10. ESM Motors
11. Anti fog film