Deli Multisserie

The Deli Multisserie is a revolution in visual cooking and merchandising. Designed to give extra prominence to your products, the Deli Multisserie allows your customers a 270-degree view of the cooking theatre.

The Deli Multisserie cooks up to 50% faster than conventional ovens and rotisseries! Load up to 72kg of poultry or any other meat products. The combination of steam and convection prepares the meat deliciously. The Multisserie is fast, reliable and gives consistent results.

With the Full Automatic Cleaning system, cleaning can be done overnight without operator intervention. Just select one of the four different cleaning programs and press start. The Full Automatic Cleaning System saves time and effort, reduces labour costs and makes cleaning your equipment a piece of cake!

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Deli & Bakery Multisserie 9123502 (EUR_0712)