Modular Counter

Create your own counter line-up in no time. Choose from a stylish range of hot, cold and ambient counters available in both full-serve and self-serve. The counters are specially designed to display your food products. Add base units for additional products or a cash desk.

The Modular Counter range delivers a speedy and easy shopping experience for both customers and operators, through:

  • A well-lit, clean and inviting hot, cold and ambient food system to cover all fresh food categories
  • An ergonomic design providing easy access
  • Unobstructed visibility for the customer
  • Easy to adapt to any format within new stores or retrofits
  • Providing the opportunity for increased basket sales through meal deals 

The base of all units can be utilized for point of sales communication such as visual or branding messages. You can also use the price rails on the hot, cold and ambient counters and the top of the base unit for promotions, pricing and branding. The units lend themselves perfectly to customized surrounds, allowing you to blend them into the feel of your store or brand.

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User manuals
MC 100 Hot 9173557 (EUR_0806)
MC 100 Cold 9123553 (EUR_1203)
MC 100 Ambient 9123571 (EUR_1205)