Hot Deli

The Deli Merchandiser system creates the perfect deli environment. The system offers its operators the ultimate in flexibility and performance. Available in 3, 4, 5 and 7* GN-pan sizes, both hot and cold, curved or square, in full-serve and self-serve, this is the most versatile food-display system for all your products.

The Hot Deli is available in different configurations. It can be built into existing counters or installed on a matching floor-mounted stand. The Hot Deli can also be combined with the Cold Deli to display both your hot and cold food products in one matching design.

With its mild airflow, the Hot Deli maintains the ideal holding temperature. It guarantees the perfect climate to keep your products fresh. The full-serve models feature independent upper radiant heat to control humidity over each GN-section. In order to create the ideal holding conditions, humidification can be set at four different levels. This enables you to display food products with various holding requirements.

* HD 7 not available as square, self-serve and cold

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