TDR Programmable eco Gas

With the unique heat exchanger in the TDR Gas, you can save up to 50% on energy compared to open gas burners. The combination of the heat exchanger with ventilators ensures optimum heat transfer and an even airflow around the meat. The result is evenly cooked products that look and taste delicious.

A gas-powered rotisserie offers you a significant advantage over an electrical device: you can avoid peak-consumption in electricity, saving on power bills. All you need is a 1 phase socket, and you’re in business!

The TDR Gas is a gas-powered rotisserie that offers the same advantages as the electric version: fast and controlled preparation. The TDR Gas’s unique technology makes it up to 30% faster than conventional gas rotisseries. Thanks to eco-cooking and the cook correction technology the TDR saves an additional 5% on energy use during the cooking cycle.