The Fri-Jado Service Network provides worldwide coverage from offices throughout the world. The network provides direct access to qualified technicians, many of whom have participated in hands-on service training. The trained Fri-Jado technicians provide in-depth assistance with installation, operation, and maintenance of Fri-Jado equipment.

Operator manuals

Each piece of Fri-Jado equipment comes with an operator manual. Misplaced or lost your manual? No problem! Simply view or download our manuals online. Our operator manuals include troubleshooting that lead you through basic owner-oriented procedures. You can follow these procedures prior to requesting a service call.

Installation, parts and service manuals

Qualified companies have online access to the latest installation, and service manuals as well as parts catalogues. All manuals are published in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The parts catalogues include diagrams and listings in order to ensure correct selection of parts.

Fri-Jado training tools

To help you get the most out of the investment in your equipment, we've developed a series of training manuals and story boards that can be tailored to suit your unique operator needs. Furthermore the official Fri-Jado YouTube-channel contains several instruction videos to help you out with service issues.  i inc 

Click here to download user manuals.